June 2

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you’re probably familiar with the grease trap. Grease traps are necessary for restaurants to ensure that the oil, fat, and grease from cooked food is disposed of properly. Although a grease trap is crucial for a restaurant, it is also just as important to clean it regularly for a number of reasons.

Damages From Waste

When grease traps harbor food waste for too long, sulfuric acid is produced in the tank. This chemical can cause damages to the tank itself if it is not regularly cleaned out.

The Rotting Smell

Grease traps must be cleaned out regularly as they are full of food waste. If it goes on too long, the rotting smell can travel back into the restaurant. This odor will certainly not sit well with restaurant guests.

Harder To Clean Over Time

As with most things, the longer you wait to clean out a grease trap the more difficult it can become to clean it. This is especially true for food waste as it can harden and adhere to the tank, making cleaning over a prolonged period particularly difficult.

It is easy to ignore the need to clean a grease trap. Many people allow the waste to build up and end up regretting it. To have yours cleaned, call Total Enviro Services at 407-841-0400.

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