October 20

You do not want your storm drains clogged when the first rain of the season hits. The flooding that results from stopped drains can make its way back to your home if the precipitation is bad enough. Do not try to clean out the drains on your own. You need a professional to handle this item on your fall maintenance list.

  • Hidden dangers - It might seem simple enough to get on your hands and knees and start digging out all the dirt, leaves and debris that have filled your storm drains, but you never want to do that. Large items, including the possibility of dead animals, are what are clogging up this drainage, and there are safety measures for removing these things.
  • Contamination - If there is a dead animal in your storm drains, it may be hazardous to your health. Other things such as animal excrement, chemicals and oils intended for catch basins never leave the drains. Again, it is dangerous for you to handle this waste, even with gloves and a facemask on. Leave the dirty work to professionals.

If you are wondering how to get your storm drains clean before winter, the answer is to call an expert. The dangers of doing it yourself are not worth the risk to your health. Call Total Enviro Services, Inc. at 407-841-0400.

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