April 21

You don’t tend to think of grease too much, but if you totally ignore it, there will be problems.

A grease trap is a plumbing device that intercepts most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system. You should clean your grease trap regularly. Of course, most people are not sure on how to clean a grease trap, so they call professionals like Total Septic in Orlando to maintain their grease trap system.

If a grease trap isn’t cleaned regularly, the build-up in the trap can start to have a foul smell. The odor will find a way through your kitchen and will be unpleasant for your guests. This can also become an issue for you and the Florida Health department.

It is recommended that grease traps should be completely drained and scraped free of all solids and greases on a monthly basis, which will also help reduce the amount of hydrogen sulfide eating away at metal grease traps.

The more greases and solids that flow through your trap, the more likely you are to have a backup. Clogged, smelly drains can be an expensive disaster, especially if they are occurring in public, for-profit places like restaurants and hotels.

When the grease and solids fraction is 25% or more of the total volume of the trap, then the grease trap should be cleaned. Total Enviro also known as Total Septic in Orlando is available 24/7. Call 407-841-0400 to schedule an appointment to have your grease trap checked and cleaned.

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