February 9

Slab leaks are often hidden from view. These are the kinds of leaks that develop under the flooring, so you may not realize one is in your home for a while.

Warm Section Of Flooring

Most of the time slab leaks consist of hot water. You should be able to recognize when you have a slab leak because one area of your house will have warm flooring.

Mildew Smell

When water begins to accumulate anywhere, mildew forms. You may not always see it if it is growing under the floor. However, you should be able to smell it within a room.

Hissing Sounds

You may be able to hear a slab leak if you listen carefully enough. You should be able to hear the sound of running water when all the faucets are turned off.

Low Water Pressure

You should be accustomed to a certain amount of water pressure in your shower. If that level dips for no apparent reason, it could be a result of water leaking under the flooring.

Slab leaks can necessitate extensive repairs in your home. Additionally they can really increase your monthly water bills. Either way, you want to address it immediately. Call Total Enviro Services, Inc. at 407-841-0400 to learn more about the various professional plumber services available.

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