June 23

You may not know when your pipes are in need of repair until the problem becomes severe. If you identify sewer issues before they are out of control, you can reduce the damage and restore your plumbing. Here are five signs that your pipes may be damaged.

Lack Of Water Flowing

Leaking or broken pipes can cause changes in water pressure. You may also notice fluctuations if a dishwasher or laundry machine impacts water flow in other areas.

Pipes Are Backed Up

A homeowner’s nightmare is when raw sewage backs out of toilets, tubs, or showers. Pipes that are blocked or clogged can overflow in other areas, which is costly and unpleasant to fix and clean.

Soggy Patches

If you have a damp spot on your floor or wet area persisting in your yard, you just might have a pipe problem. Standing water in a basement or crawlspace is also evidence that your plumbing needs attention.

Foul Odors

Have you noticed a musty odor, especially in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement? That unpleasant odor could be the growth of mold and mildew because of a leak in your home.

Utility Bill Spike

Even without any of the more obvious signs, you can still have an undetected leak. If your water utility bill is significantly higher than normal, your sewer may be to blame.

Homeowners should pay attention and repair sewer problems quickly before they get worse. If you are concerned about your pipes, call Total Enviro Services, Inc at 407-841-0400.

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