January 27

A septic system is a delicate system of bacteria that needs to be taken care of to be effective. What you flush down the drain determines the amount of maintenance your plumbing system will require. Here is a list of items that should not be flushed into your system.

  • Heavy toilet paper - single ply white paper is your best bet
  • Baby wipes - even if they are advertised as safe to flush, save yourself the headache of clogs and back-ups when they don’t break down quickly
  • Sanitary napkins or tampons - similarly to baby wipes, these items won’t break down
  • Hair - get a small drain to avoid clogs with small amounts of hair
  • Fats, oils, and grease - small amounts that are washed off in the dishwasher won’t damage your system, but large amounts will upset the ecology in your septic system
  • Hazardous chemicals and cleaners - don’t get rid of cleaning products and chemicals in your toilet, you should also make sure to use the correct amount of product when washing clothes and dishes to ensure that the soap is sufficiently dissolved.

Follow the instructions of your septic system to avoid clogs, back-ups, and additional pumping. Take care of your system for the most efficiency. When you need septic tank repair, contact the experts at Total Enviro Services, Inc in Orlando.

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