Vactor — Total Enviro Services in Orlando, FL

Vactor & Industrial Services from Orlando, FL

Total Enviro Services offers a wide variety of vactor and industrial services to fit the needs of your request. For specifics, or if you are unsure of the type of service you need, please feel free to call us at (407) 841-0400 and let us have a field rep come out and help you diagnose your issue.

High Pressure Jetting & Pumping

  • Sanitary drains
  • Catch basins

Pumping & Detailed Cleaning

  • Laundromat lint traps
  • Holding tanks
  • Sewer plants and filters
  • Grease traps
  • D.E. tanks
  • Lift stations and wet wells
  • Car washes
  • Sandpits
Truck Vactor — Total Enviro Services in Orlando, FL
Sanitary Draining — Total Enviro Services in Orlando, FL

Hydro Excavating Services

We also offer hydro-excavating services to meet your needs. Hydro excavating allows you to remove debris around sensitive utility lines, power lines, plumbing lines, gas lines and fiber optic lines. This service keeps you safe and saves time and money.